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Meet Dr Isabel MD (Izzy)

greig1Kia ora;

Thank you for visiting with myself and our Team @ doctoronamission.com. I am excited to know that we have an opportunity to contribute and coach, “Healthy Lifestyle Habits” to you, and your loved ones.

Our vision at doctoronamission is, Coaching You how to Live a Loooooong, Happy, and Vibrant Life without Sickness.

I have been a medical doctor since 1991, and the only reason I went into the medical field is because, I wanted to help people. Looking at what is going on in medicine today, I have come to the realization that, we do not have a Healthcare System, we have Disease Management. My goal is to see people healed. “I want to get to the root of dis-ease, not just throw a band-aid on it. Read more…

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Hippocrates

Reclaim Your Health Academy

Learn to Live a Looong, Happy, Healthy, and Vibrant Life without Sickness.

Have YOU ever wanted to know the Truths about long-term weight loss, and living an energized healthy life?

Would YOU want to know the "Real Story" of how nutrition, exercise, and attitude effect your quality of life?

Have YOU ever asked, "how can I prevent diabetes, obesity, arthritis, osteoporosis, inflammation, heart attacks, and general un-wellness?

The Reclaim Your Health Academy offers coaching and answers to YOUR questions .....

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