Are You Eating This Poisonous Oil?

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Are you eating processed foods? Like fries, granola bars, deep fried foods, or margarine, to name a few.

If you are, then you are consuming “partially hydrogenated soybean oil”.

The main problem with this is two-fold:

1.You are eating trans-fats, which causes inflammation. Inflammation is likened to taking a scrub brush and rubbing it over your skin surface for a long period of time. After a while it gets sticky and swollen because of the chronic damage. We now know that trans fats found in partially hydrogenated oils, cause chronic damage in us, and have been linked to


Chronic health problems, like obesity, asthma, autoimmune diseases


Heart Disease.

Keep in mind that women who have underlying coronary heart disease, and eat trans fats, have 3x the increased risk of sudden cardiac arrest. That is very significant, as it also increases your bad cholesterol.

2.You are eating Genetically Engineered (GE) Soybeans unless specified that it is GE-Free. Most soybeans are GE. The purpose is to allow the soybeans to grow without being killed off by pests. To do this, scientists have spliced the soybean DNA with a chemical that kills off any insect trying to destroy it. The soybean lives and everything else gets killed off.

What is the problem with GE Soybeans?  Well, animal studies reveal there may be significant adverse health effects from these GE soybeans, including progressively increased rates of infertility. By the third generation, virtually all the hamsters in one feeding study were found to be infertile. Second-generation hamsters raised on GE soy also had a five-fold higher infant mortality rate. In humans, we don’t know yet because there hasn’t been enough human research

Professionally, it is safe to say that we are the research.What is the purpose of hydrogenated oils?  There are several reasons to hydrogenate oil.

1. It makes the oil stable, and have a prolonged shelf life.

2. Alone the oil is unstable and becomes rancid, and hence inedible. Take for instance margarine, which is hydrogenated and butter which is not. The margarine out lives the butter. I once saw an experiment where there was margarine and butter next to each other on a plate. The ants where all over the butter but stayed clear of the margarine. How smart they are.

3. Because it is more stable when hydrogenated, it will also have a higher melting point which allows it to be used for a variety of processed foods.

One last point I want to share with you,is that the fat found in partially hydrogenated soybean oil is primarily omega-6.  And though we do need a certain amount of omega-6 in our diet, there is far to much consumption of this. We also know that omega-6 oil is a trans fat, which causes inflammation. And chronic inflammation is the cause of almost all chronic disease.

Hence the reason why I say our food is our best medicine.

What oils are best to use?

The best oils to cook with at high temperatures are:

Coconut oil

Expeller or cold presssed sesame oil

Expellar or cold pressed sunflower oil.

Oils good for eating but not for cooking at high temperatures are:


Extra virgin cold pressed olive oil.

Your friend, Isabel



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