Hello Movers and Shakers:  There seems to be a Heated debate about Butter vs Margarine, which should I choose. Yes, there is pages of info out there. In this video, I give you the latest, and in my humble opinion, most accurate facts about this issue.

Bottom Line: Butter is Real Food; Margarine is man-made stuff.

Enjoy the video, and I leave the decision up to you.

your friend; Dr.Isabel MD


  1. Such a nice video by Dr. Isabel…but I don’t agree about “margarine is man-made” because it is made from natural plat oils and some vitamins are added which are essentials for our body. Similarly, butter is made from milk and some processing is also involved in making butter. I think using non hydrogenated margarine is a healthy choice.

    • Hello Ethan; Thank you for your message., and I do respect your opinion. I have to go with the research I’ve done over the past 10 years on this topic, so at doctoronamission we will promote Butter for our Tribe.
      I know it’s a hot topic and it’s great to hear of your thoughts on this subject. I wish you a Happy and Vibrant Loooong Life.
      Best wishes; Dr. Isabel MD

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