How Do You Get All That Done?

Hello; Have you asked or been asked; “How do you get all that done in a day?”

Well, here are 2 important steps to achieve more in your day.

Do you write it down or do you just start the day and hope you get it all done? If you are like me, I would write it down and try my hardest to achieve it all.  Only to be frustrated and disappointed in myself for not getting it all done.

Until…. I found the secret equation that has helped me tremendously. You see, once I have found something that works for me, I can feel happy in my heart to pass it on to you.

So here goes.

2 steps to achieve more in your day.

Step 1.  Make it a promise not a goal or dream.

We all have heard to set a goal and put a date to it. But how is that going for you?

To me it seems so cold and detached. Instead of making a goal or having a dream with a date, which can be distant.  Why not instead make a promise to yourself?  A promise is an action word.  It’s a verb, which “assures that it will definitely happen.” On the other hand, a goal is a not an action word. It declares, “a person’s …aim or desired result.” But it doesn’t have any action to it, only a desire.

Do you see what I mean?  If you make it a promise there is action behind it but if you make a goal you are just aiming for it.

I’ll give you a real live example.

I have a tendency to be a reactor instead of a responder, when life happens. I have been known on an occasion or two, to lose my cool only to later come back to those I lost my cool with (usually my family) and apologize.

This has all changed when I made a promise to myself to control myself. Now, when life happens (as it does on a daily basis) and I start feeling my Cuban blood start to boil, I remind myself of my promise.

I say to myself “hold your peace Isabel, hold your peace.” And most of the time it works because I made a promise with myself.

So step #1 is, instead of making a goal, make it a promise to you.  I bet you’ll be more successful.

Step 2. 3 projects per day is the maximum.

We can all write down all these things we WANT to accomplish in a day. Then when the day comes to a close we soon realize we got side tracked and got nothing accomplished. I just can’t stand that. That can really drive me nutty.

Instead of writing everything you need to get done, try doing what I do. Allow yourself only 3 main projects you need to get done in one day.

Did I hear you say “Just 3, Isabel?”

Yes you heard me right.  Just three.  And nothing more.

Your mind can handle 3 main promises but if there is more you become scattered, overwhelmed and inefficient. And we know what that spells. With frustration comes the thought “how can I make myself FEEL BETTER FAST?”

And for me out come the chocolate, cheese, wine, cakes, cookies, bread, and _________(you can fill in the blank).

Let me ask you something. Are you ready to achieve more in a day and be happy with yourself when your head hits the pillow?

Then try this healthy prescription.

Before you go to bed each night do the following.

At the top of the paper write;

My Promises for _______(the date).

Then write 3 projects that you will focus on for that day.

Then review each night.

You’ll soon see you are achieving more and you’re self esteem will increase. Try this for one month and watch what you actually accomplish in your day because you made a promise to yourself. And you just won’t break a promise to yourself.

Go for it!

Here’s to your amazing day; Dr. Isabel M.D.



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