Seasons of Life

Have you ever started out doing something in life with someone and wondered, “why you are no longer on the same paths?”

Story 1. Our 18 year young daughter is graduating High School, and wonders where all her friends she has been with for many years are going. Will they stay in touch, will they fade away, how did this all happen so quickly? The truth is within 5 years of graduating High school, most of us have new BFF’s, and are still close friends with only a few High school mates. Right now, it makes her sad, however it’s the growing “Seasons of Life”.

Story 2. My husband Michael joined a company recently because of the vision and passion of the owner. He wasn’t that excited about the career, however the owner (a friend) had a passion, desire, and vision for great changes in his industry, with positive impact on society. Michael joined his Team, the two men became a powerful Team, and excelled in the early stages. As time went on, the owner, for whatever reason, lost those business ethics and desires, and became more of a disgruntled business owner. Michael made a decision to leave that career path, as the two men were no longer on the same visionary track. A “Season of Life” had passed by.

Story 3. A person very close to my heart, has recently had to make some tough decisions about her chosen career opportunities. About 5 years ago, she joined a Team of people with varied backgrounds, who had a vision to be the best, passionate, loving, and charitable organization in the region. The like minds had a plan to achieve this with Teamwork, leadership, goal-setting, and hard work. For a few years the vision was on track, however with tough economic times over the past 24 months, bad traits have surfaced from the leadership. The young lady has held on to the original vision, but finds herself on an island now. The Team has become a “what’s best for me” Team. So, this may just be a “Season of Life”.

There’s an Important lesson on all these stories: just because somebody was in your Life at one time, doesn’t mean they will make the entire journey with you. Sometimes it’s difficult to face the truth that those days are gone and will never return. It doesn’t mean you were right and they were wrong; It’s just a “Season of Life”. Some people you may want in your life, shouldn’t be in it, because they don’t share your passion, desire, and ethics of your current “Season of Life”. If you learn this lesson sooner then later, it will save you many heartaches.

Have you a Story of a “Season of Life?”   I’d enjoy hearing from you…

your friend; Isabel


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