Your 14-day weight Loss Course; E-Book Edition

Why your waistline won’t budge.

  1. Diets, exercise, fasting, and still that waist doesn’t budge. Aaarrrrrrgh = (
  2. You wake up feeling frumpy and not your best.
  3. Or perhaps you have been successful and did lose weight but then it comes back.
You are not alone. I know how you feel, I have been there and this is what I have learned.
Why we are sick and fat has to do with toxins and foods that we are allergic to.
You see, when we eat something that we are allergic to, your body sees it as “enemy infiltration”. In protection, your immune system (which by the way is your battling army that protects you) grabs the enemy and stores it far far away in fat.
It’s all based on science.
Courses, Diets, and fads costs $1,000’s, however I have put your 14-day weight loss course in E-Book editon, so anyone can get the information. It’s almost a giveaway when compared to prices of the crazy diets out there.

Watch this Content-Packed Video for Inspiration and Instruction about the E-Book …

If you want to lose up to 4.5 kg (10 lbs) in 14 days, and keep it off, by eliminating 8 foods that are sabotaging your weight loss then I encourage you to read on.
Do you want to:
  •  lose that puffiness around your eyes?
  •  have more energy?
  •  get rid of those headaches?
  •  eliminate bloating?
  •  clear that brain fog?
  •  have clearer more youthful skin?
  •  decrease that waistline?
  •  and finally have people say “Wow, you look amazing!”
 Yes, YOU Want This, Then I can help you.


  1. The Neighbour says:

    Wow, I saw this amazing woman on a video just going for gold!!!!!! Then I looked out the window and saw the same thing!!!! What a dynamic neighbourhood (although I must say that it started raining when we shifted the office home and it hasn’t stopped since!!) So much for all the golf we work-at-homers were going to play!
    Have a great night
    Your neighbours

    • Howdy Neighbor; Thank you for your kind words, and yes this is great weather for working from home. No temptation to go to the beach or out for a playful afternoon.
      Happy trails; Isabel

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